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The Well-Being Boost
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Learn the empirical science of happiness, how harnessing positivity makes us better in a myriad of ways and receive strategies for building and leveraging this well-being boost.

Emotional Intelligence & Agility
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In order to feel and perform our best, we need to be emotionally agile. That is, we have to be able to tap into both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. This training will show you how.

mindsets & Belief systems
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What we choose to focus on & the way we perceive situations, people and experiences often determine our outcomes. The effect we expect is often the effect we get. Learn how to hack that truth with this training.

Dealing with Negative Experiences
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While unpleasant or negative experiences are often useful and make us stronger in the end, sometimes we need to mitigate them and bounce back. This session provides cognitive tricks for doing just that.

Tapping into  motivation
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Not all motivations and motivators are made equal. Learn the difference and tips/tricks for hacking into some of our core needs that can drive motivation and performance. 

Understanding and developing strengths
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Whether its strengths of talent or of character, identifying, focusing on and developing what we're good at is a massive predictor of well-being and performance. If you don't know yours, you're missing out!

Focus, distraction
& Intentionality
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There are multiple types of focus, each with different purposes/usefulness. If you you want to access your peak potential or unlock greater satisfaction, you need to understand both.

Habits & Self-control
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A huge chunk of our days (around 40%) are done mindlessly or habitually. This leads to all sorts of unintended consequences on our performance and well-being. Learn how to take that power back with this session.

interpersonal & Group Dynamics
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We are who we surround ourselves with. Learn how our formal & informal relationships impact everything from our happiness to our productivity and success. Fortunately, we can learn strategies for leveraging that fact.