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about Dr. Holton's speaking

Dr. Nick Holton is a consultant, coach, speaker, and author. His work focuses on scientific research that facilitates and supports optimal functioning, a synergistic development of both peak performance and overall happiness & satisfaction.  

His speaking engagements range from large business conferences to individual schools or sports teams or communities. Often covering a range of topics having to do with peak performance, optimizing motivation and productivity, building well-being, crafting purpose and much more! 

Past Speaking Engagements

Thriving During COVID-19. A webinar for NCAA athletic programs.

Sunday Shmooze. A live virtual event with Valley Beth Shalom

Stronger Together: What we can learn from fireflies, super chickens and conscious business practices. Keynote speech at the National Association of Mutual Insurers Conference. Chicago, IL.

What is Positive Education? A webinar for religious school educators. Los Angeles, CA.

Enhancing Engagement, Centropa Summer Academy. Berlin, Krakow, Frankfurt & Vienna.

The Sweet Spot for Flourishing. Brentwood School Parent Association. Brentwood, CA. 

The Sweet Spot for Flourishing. Long Beach Wilson High School. 

Thrive for Actors. Training on the science of flourishing. The New Collective Acting Studio. Los Angeles, CA.


What Does it Mean to Be Of Service?  NAS Insurance. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

Positive Psychology for Athletes. iDiscovered Elite College Soccer ID Camps. Grand Rapids, MI. 

Positive Psychology and You. Lidrosh: Parent Education Event. Milken Community Schools. Los Angeles, CA.

Positive Education: An Introduction. Playful Learning Summit. Milken Community Schools. Los Angeles, CA. 

Measuring Happiness with Experience Sampling. SITE Conference for Educational Technology. Las Vegas, NV.