Dr. Holton will help your company, organization or school infuse research and best-practices from the fields of both Organizational and Positive sciences in order to: 

(1) Increase well-being which can lead to better results and establish a culture of "win-wins" for employers and their employees or, "virtuous cycles".

(2) Increase stakeholder engagement to impact efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

(3) Decrease operational costs often associated with turnover, healthcare, absenteeism and amotivation.

Whether you're a CEO, HR Director or simply leading a team, this research can be of tremendous benefit to you and the ecosystem of which you are a part. 

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Dr. Holton has given speeches and presentations around the world,  on a variety of topics. While his particular points of focus are the research surrounding well-being, optimal functioning, engagement, and the "purpose motive", Dr. Holton is well-versed in many other facets of optimization sciences such as goal theory, habit formulation, motivation and more.

Eudaimonics' clients often come to the table with a general sense of what they want out of a speaking engagement. They then work directly with Dr. Holton to refine and perfect that idea based on empirical research, case studies and the goals of the client.


Whether you want to know more about these specialized topics or simply want to discuss potential ideas that might benefit your community or organization the first step is just a click away.

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If you're looking to help a small-group or team improve both individual and collective performance and satisfaction, Eudaimonics training service is the way to go. Dr. Holton will work with your team's leadership to create a fully customized, research-based curriculum and training exercises that will meet your unique needs. 

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In addition to group and organizational settings, Dr. Holton can be booked for 1-on-1 coaching or mentoring. Dr. Holton has 30 collective years of experience working with leaders, elite athletes and students in an effort to help them optimize performance in their desired domains and to live more intentional lives in general. Like Eudaimonic's training service, these coaching sessions will be customized to the unique needs of the individual.  The primary difference in the 1-on-1 setting is the extra attention that can be paid to your specific context, challenges and personal goals. 

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