Private Classes availAble via zoom

Approximately 20 hours of private, in-class time with Dr. Holton

Workbooks and guided exercises accompanying each lesson

"I loved the class and deeply appreciate your sharing tangible ways to improve my happiness and life fulfillment. Even after just 2 weeks, I feel happier and more self-satisfaction with the changes I have made based on your insights. Jen, thank you so much for putting the class together and introducing me to Nick and positive psychology. Nick, thank you for sharing your insights and pearls of wisdom with such warmth and kindness (even when you were not able to see or hear us)."

-Private class participant and LA parent

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Course Topics

The Well-Being Boost
Emotional Intelligence & Agility
mindsets & Belief systems
Dealing with Negative Experiences
Tapping into  motivation
Understanding and developing strengths
Focus, distraction
& Intentionality
Habits & Self-control
interpersonal & Group Dynamics

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